As a church, we are setting aside 7 days beginning Sunday May 3 as a week of prayer. We are asking you to commit to pray for at least 30 minutes on each day, and if the Lord leads you, to also fast.

Whether you fast from one meal or for the entire 7 days, please seek God’s presence and power during this time.  These are unique days we are living in.  Days when the mission of God and His gospel are moving ahead.  We are in desperate need of God's wisdom, strength, and provision.  Prayer guides and resources will be provided.  There is power as we unite in prayers of agreement.  

If you know of someone without access to the web, you can sign up for them, but be sure to sign their name and let them know the time you have reserved for them to pray.  Let us fill this 7 days with prayer to our great God for His direction and presence in these days.